Unlocking potential for small-medium businesses 🚀

A strategy and goals platform for SME’s.
Launching late 2024, join the waitlist to be notified at launch.

Strategy to power your business

Create a competitive advantage with a focused customer proposition and a well designed business.

Value proposition

An easily crafted value proposition to create an identity for your business in the minds of customers.

Target market

Easily define ideal customer types to ensure
marketing activities are well targeted.

Business functions

Assess and improve core functions of your business to increase productivity and efficiently deliver for customers.


Drive strategic & financial outcomes

AI-powered goals with linked action plans that make the financial and strategic priorities of the business clear to everyone.


Goals linked to action

Integrated task management and group based messaging to keep you and your team on track.

Naverix for advisors.

Bringing business and trusted advisors together. Unprecedented simplicity for accountants to connect with business clients to plan and manage growth.